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when you miss me and think of me

So, it's entirely possible I've drunk a bottle of champagne (and... more), but whatever, alcohol's good for your hair (or is that just beer? um.) or something, right?

My TV is playing music videos right now, because it does that independently (okay, no, it does not, but my vids are on shuffle, so that's almost the same thing, right?) and right now it's playing Nu Abo by f(x), which I made the mistake of playing for my mother last year and she would not stop singing it for the entirety of my vacation (which was a month - a month. Of the same song. Ugh.).

Anyway. Apologies for disappearing for eight months and then posting twice in one night - I, uh, kind of just remembered I had a Livejournal account. *shamefaced*

world domination. oh yes.

One day, K-dramas will take over the world (and it will probably start with You're Beautiful).

I give you:

Evidence, part the 1st.


Evidence, part the 2nd.

If this is not compelling and incontrovertible proof, I don't know what is. (also: hello! *tacklehugs flist*)


my trust was blind, you broke the pact

So, I will probably be posting on several random things a bit later on, but right now...

I'm watching this drama and there's a part which reminded me of a scene in General Hospital, the one in which Kristina (full of hope) hands Ethan (full of sneers) a friendship bracelet, only to be brutally rebuffed because he's being a massive douchenozzle, and then she overhears him talking shit about her to another woman and she cries and throws the bracelet into the water and IT IS SAD, OKAY.

K/E, I miss you! Why did you have to go awaaaaay? *single, perfect tear trickles down cheek*




Andy Murray is through to the Wimbledon final. Andy Murray, the first Brit to make it to the final in 74 years.

I'm actually in tears right now. Of joy. Just to, you know, clarify.


Because I live my life by the numbers:

1) I seem not to have received LJ comment notifications for, oh, a month or two? The occasional one will slip through (stealthy, like a ninja), but for the most part they've either not been sent at all (bad LJ, no biscuit!), or been spam-blocked by gmail *narrows eyes*. Basically: I apologise for not responding, f-list! It wasn't just me being incredibly rude... or, okay yeah, it was, but not intentionally, which has to count for something, right? Right? Guys? ... Hello? %(

Anyway, I will try to respond asap, but if I don't, it's because...

2) I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow (smooth segue, eh? <- see, I am practicing my Canadia speech! :D!) to visit the fantabulous milmiss! Aren't you jealous? Oh, you totally are. *is smug*

The milmiss has promised to show me around and also to protect me from the ravenous moose that roam the mean streets of Toronto. (okay: that last part wasn't actually specified, but I feel it was implied.)

Now, I'm off to buy a suitcase, but feeling quite relaxed as I already have the most important things for any flight: passport, ticket and books to read on the plane. (possibly I have five. or six. um. *bites lip* shut up, like you don't?)

3) I've been reading through old LJ entries and wow, I used to post fic all the time. Now, I post fic... none of the time. What happened to meeeee? Ugh, maybe I need to do another 30-days-of-posting-madness challenge to get me back in the game, because I love the game and want to play again (that... sounded less kinky in my head. but... only a little. *g*).

So, flisties, what do you do when you gots no game? * it sounds so wrong, I'm cringing even as I type. ugh.

Please wish me luck and a lack of death-by-ravenous-moose, flist! *smooches all, and runs off to Canada*

May. 26th, 2012

I'm currently waiting for the postman to arrive - and waiting rather impatiently, at that, because I really, really need to buy a pint of milk yet know the moment I step out of the house, the postie will knock on my door.

Anyway, the radio is on and a line from Billionaire by Travie McCoy caught my ear: I want to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.

Now, in point of fact, the Queen does not actually make the Forbes Billionaires List. This is because her personal net wealth only amounts to about £500m (assets belonging to the Crown Estate are another matter altogether).

Why I felt the need to write about that, I don't know, but hey, this surely meets your 'useless fact of the day' quota, right? :D?

I want a cup of tea, so f*cking bad... *sings pitifully*

tell me who can you trust

I'm a bit late to the party, but I've finally seen the Avengers.

thoughts behind the cutCollapse )

In conclusion? All my base are belong to Joss. ♥


it's all a game to me

Currently playing both Draw Something and Words with Friends, but am abysmal at both. :-/

Is anyone else playing? (er, anyone on my flist, to be more specific. I am fairly certain that there are other people playing in, you know, the world.)

now it's time to move

Because sometimes you just need a little reminder of how awesome (and inspirational) people can be:

Claire Lomas, paralysed from the waist down, finishes the London Marathon - 16 days after the race began.

Kind of makes me feel like a slacker for not having completed a marathon...
So, One Tree Hill. It's been a while since I last watched the show, but it was on TV tonight and a shot of Brooke looking quite unsettled (also: pretty, but I think that probably goes without saying) caught my eye, so I stayed for the first half of Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will and...

Dude, Brooke's being chased in a parking lot by a psycho with a knife, Dan's shooting people left and right, Chris Keller's bringing new meaning to 'vehicular manslaughter' and Clay and Quinn are wandering around a graveyard. At night.

Wtf? Is this the Halloween special or something?

So. Freaking. Confused.


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